L & T Industries, Inc.  

About Us

L & T Industries, Inc. was originally known as L & T Sink Top Co.  In 1963, Giuseppe Rosin bought L & T Sink Top Co. from its original owner.  For the next several decades, Giuseppe worked hard to build a solid reputation.  As his sons Dave & Paul grew older, they too joined the business and learned the trade of woodworking.  In 2002, L & T Sink Top Co incorporated and changed its name to L & T Industries, Inc. with Dave taking over as Chief Executive Officer & Paul as Chief Financial Officer. 
L & T Industries, Inc. has been family-owned & operated for over 50 years!

Our staff is committed to providing great service with a quality product to each of our customers. We believe that a strong reputation as an honest and reliable business is the key to success. Where others may cut corners, we will not.  At L & T, we strive to provide a consistent and reliable product that is built to last.  We truly believe integrity & quality breeds loyalty.

For more information, send us a request through our "Contact Us" page or call (909) 622-6645.